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Dealer Mobil Honda Bandung

Dealer Mobil Honda Bandung

Dealer Mobil Honda Bandung is the newest authorized dealer of Honda cars in the city, is believed to not only Honda vehicles will expand access to potential customers, but also will enhance customer satisfaction through the provision of after-sales service more widely in the region. At the inauguration of the Dealer Honda Autobest, May 17, 2006, in Bandung, West Java. The inauguration ceremony was also attended by the President of Honda Autobest, Tjoeng Hing Djin, as well as representatives of Main Dealers and Honda dealers in Indonesia.
Is the embodiment of Honda’s commitment to customer service despite the current situation of the automotive market has not shown any significant improvement. “Honda Autobest Bandung has had all the elements necessary to meet customer satisfaction Honda, with a professional team and showroom facilities and complete service”.
Honda Autobest Bandung, located on Jl. Soekarno Hatta, stands on an area of 3,300 m2. Honda authorized dealers 4th showroom in Baandung has two floors covering an area of 1,400 m2, and a service area of 1,500 m2 with 12 repair facility for repair bay equipped with various advanced equipment and complete. President Director of Honda Autobest, Tjoeng Hing Djin, expressed optimism that the opening of Honda Autobest can contribute well to the Honda car sales in Baandung, even the Honda image and customer satisfaction in the region.