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Honda All New CR-Z Bandung

Honda All New CR-Z Bandung

Honda CR-Z Bandung

Honda CR-Z is the culmination of the evolution of a blend of sporty and environmentally friendly technologies developed by Honda over the years. This model of the CR-Z will answer consumer desires a sports car with a dynamic performance, without

ignore the responsibility to preserve the environment around. Push It to The Limit & Be The First Among Others: Advanced technology and racing spirit. Two things became Honda’s DNA on any car design. Spirit to stay one step ahead, pushing the Honda is getting much further in innovating. Next-generation CR-Z sports car is the embodiment of the spirit. First hybrid sports car in this world ready to bring novelty to your driving experience. It’s time your adrenaline racing with the Honda CR-Z. Honda CR-Z, The Smart Sophisticated Sports Car: smart technology in the Honda CR-Z Bandung creates higher standards than a sports car. High performance as well as supporting advanced features include hybrid technology, making the Honda CR-Z is ready to bring you into the future.

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