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Honda All New Odyssey Bandung

Honda All New Odyssey Bandung

All New Honda Odyssey Bandung

Honda Odyssey Bandung

Show Excitement inside SOPHISTICATION show more sporty performance in a luxurious look. New Honda Odyssey Cars Bandung to present a range of improvements has established itself as an MPV

Premium different from other models in its class, the Odyssey of the more aerodynamic body shape plus full aero kit, cabin comfort and luxury the new color shades, innovative features, to sporty performance that is rarely found in an upscale MPV.
Odyssey – GET INTO THE SPORTY FEELING: A new look at the front exterior of the new Honda Odyssey like Chrome Grille, Headlight, Bumper with Fog Lamp and Aero kit complementary base Ultra Low Floor Platform. Driving like a sedan and an aerodynamic body design, reinforced the impression of sporty and provide a high level of stability. Only New Honda Odyssey, High Performance 7-Seater MPV provide the highest level of perfection driving in Bandung.

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